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My name is Joshua Serra, and I came into Relief & Wellness Centers with chronic pain in my neck and back that was getting worse daily. I began care at the end of Decemeber 2010 after suffering with it for over 6 years. The pain was constant. Treatments that I had before was physical therapy 2 times, over 20 medications and cortisone injections, none of which really addressed the pain I was experiencing.

The problems I was having with my pain didnít allow me to do what a teenager should be able to do. When I first came and saw my doctor, I was skeptical, however; I have tried many things for years to try to manage my pain and decided to try a chiropractor and I donít regret it. I was so used to methods not working that at first I doubted it would work, but I canít say that about my doctor's methods. He recommended that I go through dietary changes, exercises, and manage my lifestyle to a better degree. I saw results within 4 weeks under his care. Now I am able to do what I want without being in constant pain in my neck and shoulders. Having fibromyalgia at such a young age has affected my life and I can honestly say that seeing my doctor was the best decision I have ever made and my pain in my neck is finally managed.

The feeling that I got from his practice that was most beneficial was being educated before I started care. It was nice to know what the doctor was doing beforehand. Also, my doctor was able to answer any questions I had, and I felt that he truly wanted to get me out of pain. The whole experience made me happy. The staff was friendly and my doctor was the first doctor that I felt was actually trying to get my pain under control. I am glad there are people like him in the world to help people in pain.

Two health benefits that I got from my doctor that I value most is better eating habits in order to stay at a weight I like and not being depressed due to being in so much pain. I would advise anyone and everyone to try it. It canít get worse, rather only better with my doctor. Medication covers the pain, but doesnít address the cause of your pain. I have told all my friends and family about my improvement, and would recommend that others take advantage of the opportunity to be healthier by seeing my doctor.

My name is MaryRuth Liegler and I came into Relief & Wellness Centers with fibromyalgia that was causing constant neck, low back and right arm pain. I first saw my doctor in February 2011. I tried physical therapy many years ago, and also tried injections many years ago with both not helping my condition. The pain kept me from getting sleep many nights.

My first impressions of the clinic was the friendliness of the staff and doctors. The staff at Relief & Wellness Centers was professional, courteous, and helpful. I especially liked the feeling that everyone is there to help me feel better. When I first saw my doctor and he examined me, he recommended adjustments and rehabilitation. He made me feel comfortable right from the start. He listens and I feel like we have established a good relationship. I began treatment and started noticing improvement within a week. The care I received with him made me feel like I am more in control of my activities instead of my pain deciding what I do.

A major benefit to my health that I value the most that I received from my doctor how to be more upbeat and happier. I feel like I can control the pain that I have and am able to live my life better because of it. If I were to give advice to someone who has similar symptoms that I had I would tell them that I would go see my doctor because itís probably the most important thing you can do. You have to be honest with yourself and the problems youíre having. I have already told many people about Relief & Wellness Centers and the care I was given and have referred others to see him to get healthier.