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Lab Review

Have You Ever Wondered...

  • If the nutritional supplements you are currently taking are working?
  • What nutritional supplements do I “really” need, and how much do I “really” need to be taking?
  • Am I wasting money on my current nutritional supplements?
  • With all the different diets out there, which program should I be following?
  • Do I feel this way because “I’m getting old?”
  • Why your Doctor told you there is nothing wrong, but you still feel bad?
  • If there is a better way to get healthy?
  • Why my insurance company will pay to medicate me for the rest of my life, but will not pay to "rehabilitate" body chemistry/physiology with physician grade nutritional products

The Problem

Current medical lab practices do not address your health until you are outside what is referred to as the “clinical range.”
WARNING: This approach may lead to unnecessary medications and health problems that could have been prevented.

The Solution

Many problems can be identified in the blood long before you actually experience symptoms. Certain tests (i.e. blood work, toxic element testing, urinalysis, etc.), when properly read will indicate if you are progressing towards serious illness such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc. At Oak Creek Relief & Wellness we take a very objective/scientific approach to improving your health & wellness, not simply treating your disease. These tests enable your Doctor to make recommendations for proper supplementation and monitor progress. Not only is this approach a useful tool to promote healing and repair, but it can also be used to optimize health and wellness.

The Tests We Run

  • 50 Different Blood Tests
  • 17 Tests for Toxic Elements (i.e. heavy metal analysis)
  • 23 Tests for Essential Elements (calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, etc.

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How Do We Know If It Will Work?

Objectively. Your Doctor will re-test you in two months to determine your progress and make any necessary adjustment to your program according to how your body has responded.