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Massage Therapy

Individual Sessions

15 Minutes

30 Minutes

45 Minutes

60 Minutes

75 Minutes

90 Minutes







Relief and Wellness Centers believe in the benefits of therapeutic massage and want to make it available to everyone who walks through their doors. We pride ourselves on providing you with a full wellness experience with exceptional service. Below are details of what you can expect at your first session.


When you arrive at the Relief & Wellness Centers office, please stop at the front desk to check in. We will ask you to fill out a short form. This form provides us information that makes us aware of your medical history, past/present injuries, current medications and other physical conditions. This form will be reviewed by your massage therapist with you prior to your massage. The massage therapist will take a few minutes to talk with you to make sure that your expectations and reasons for receiving a massage are met. Please let your massage therapist know if there are particular areas that need to be addressed during your massage.

Therapy Room

Your massage therapist will guide you into the therapy room, which will be softly lit and filled with tranquil music, unless otherwise requested. You will be left in the room by your massage therapist for a few minutes so that you may undress. Before re-entering your room, your massage therapist will knock on the door and politely ask if you are ready. You may remain partially clothed or completely undress, but do so to the level you are most comfortable with. Crisp clean sheets and an adjustable warming blanket await you on your padded massage table. Please lie on the massage table and cover yourself with the top sheet.

To ensure your modesty is respected, at all times during your massage you will be covered with the top sheet and only the part of the body they are working will be uncovered. During your treatment, your massage therapist will continually ensure you are comfortable and will make adjustments to your treatment, if requested.

Hour Massages Include:
• 5 Minute Consultation
• 60 Minute Therapeutic Massage
• 5 Minute Dress Time

Half Hour Massages Include:
• 5 Minute Consultation
• 30 Minute Therapeutic Massage
• 5 Minute Dress Time

Lotions used during your massage are of the highest quality and hypo-allergenic.

All of Massage Therapists are certified in massage therapy.

Corporate Sessions

Many companies are realizing the benefits of wellness programs in the retention and attraction of employees and increased performance of existing employees. Therapeutic massage is a low-cost benefit option that will be advantageous to both employee and the employer. Relief and Wellness Centers provide rates that are reasonable so that your company can find a way to add to or create a wellness program.

We will work closely with your business to schedule sessions that fit within your employees break times. Our Massage Therapist will bring in a specially designed chair that your employees will sit in. Employees remain fully clothed and no lotions or oils are used. The massage session is typically 10- 15 minutes and will focus on the neck, shoulders, back and arms…the common problem areas of today’s worker.

A substantial number of workers state that their job is very stressful. Health care expenditures and lost productivity are a sizable cost for employers every year. Regular massage is being recognized by a greater than ever number of employers in the reduction of the mental and physical effects of stress, in turn reducing stress related fatigue and disease.

Some benefits of therapeutic massage in the workplace are:
• Headache reduction
• Reduced stress
• Less absenteeism
• Increased energy
• Increased company appreciation
• Greater job satisfaction
• Lowered blood pressure
• Reduced back strain
• Improved employee retention

Massage therapy has been shown to reduce the risks of:
• Low energy
• Common cold
• High blood pressure
• Carpal tunnel

Massage has shown it has a positive impact on your business. Contact us today to discuss how we can create a corporate massage program for your employees or to simply schedule individual appointments at your office.